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Revolutionary Girl Utena

AKA: Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Magical Girl
Year: 1997
Studio: J.C. Staff, SoftX

Utena is the envy of her classmates at Ohtori Academy. She has beauty, style, athleticism, passion, and a forthright sense of justice. However, she is consumed by a childhood memory of a prince on a white horse who comforted her after her parent’s death and gave her a signet ring with a rose crest. So impressed was Utena that she vowed then and there that she, too, would become a prince someday.

After her friend Anthy is insulted and assaulted by a member of the Student Council, Utena challenges him for Anthy’s honor. The rose crest opens the way to a hidden dueling arena, where a victorious Utena finds that Anthy is the Rose Bride and Utena is now her betrothed. Utena doesn’t understand what this “engaged” business is all about, but to keep her friend safe she is compelled to continue duelling members of the Student Council for possession of the Rose Bride, for Anthy is the key to revolutionizing the world and the doorway to all of Ohtori’s darkest secrets.